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Forward Vargas returns to Chile squad for World Cup qualifiers******

SANTIAGO, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- Atletico Mineiro forward Eduardo Vargas has returned to Chile's squad for FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Paraguay and Ecuador, the Chilean football federation said late on Tuesday.。

The 31-year-old, who is second on the list of Chile's all-time highest scorers with 40 goals in 102 appearances, has recovered from an ankle injury that forced him to miss the Roja's October qualifiers.。

As expected, the 26-man squad includes Inter Milan pair, Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal. Head coach Martin Lasarte also recalled veteran winger Edson Puch and midfielder Ignacio Saavedra.。

Chile will meet Paraguay in Asuncion on November 11 and Ecuador in Santiago five days later.。

The Roja are currently sixth in the 10-team South American qualifying group with three wins, four draws and five losses.。

The top five teams will automatically earn a berth at football's showpiece tournament in Qatar next year while the fifth-ranked side will advance to an intercontinental playoff.。

Following is the Chile squad:。

Goalkeepers: Gabriel Arias, Claudio Bravo, Brayan Cortes.。

Defenders: Nicolas Diaz, Mauricio Isla, Guillermo Maripan, Gary Medel, Eugenio Mena, Enzo Roco, Francisco Sierralta, Valber Huerta.。

Midfielders: Tomas Alarcon, Charles Aranguiz, Claudio Baeza, Pablo Galdames, Ignacio Saavedra, Marcelino Nunez, Erick Pulgar, Diego Valdes, Arturo Vidal.。

Forwards: Benjamin Brereton, Jean Meneses, Eduardo Vargas, Alexis Sanchez, Edson Puch, Joaquin Montecinos. Enditem。

Brazilian surfers beat Portuguese giant waves******

By Leonardo Gottems。

NAZARE, Portugal, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian surfer Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca came out the grand champion of the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge, part of the World Surf League (WSL), held in northwestern Portugal on Monday.。

Competing alongside Hawaiian Kai Lenny, the Brazilian took individual and team awards in the competition, being one of the few surfers to board a giant wave on a morning of many accidents and rescues with jet-skis in the giant waves.。

In addition to the "tube" wave that earned him 8.17 points, the Brazilian surfer managed a good backup of 7.00 points, which made the difference in the final accounts.。

"It's an honor to tow and partner with Kai. He definitely got me on the best waves of the day and we did our best out there. This is one of the best performances of my life and I am very happy," said "Chumbo" to the press.。

The second place went to another Brazilian Pedro Scooby, who competed alongside with his Portuguese partner Nic von Rupp to get the highest score 9.50 in the event and earned the surfer award for best attitude in the championship.。

Kai Lenny was the third with a total of 19.07 points, further from the dispute for the triumph, but decisive for the triumph for teams.。

Chianca finished with 23.34 points, out of a total of 30, while Scooby was 22.90 at the event that started at 8:00 (local time) and lasted about six hours.。

In the women's division, French surfer Justine Dupont won the tournament for the second time, dominating a series of critical waves and beating her only two competitors, the Brazilians Maya Gabeira and Michelle des Bouillons.。

The waves in Nazare also called "cannons" become gigantic as they pass through a 5,000 meter (16,000 ft) deep canyon that ends close to the coast, channeling the cold, unpredictable waters of the Atlantic Ocean to break north of the ancient city of Portuguese fishermen.。

Surfers from all over the world challenged the multi-meter waves, but the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge, which was scheduled for Sunday, was eventually postponed due to an all-day fog.。

The event was marked by an incident that could have had serious consequences when Briton Andrew Cotton had a big scare when he got stuck on the rocks and was eventually saved by another surfer, Brazilian Marcelo Luna. Enditem。

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At least 31 drown as migrant boat sinks in English Channel******


Migrants are helped ashore from a Royal National Lifeboat Institution lifeboat at Dungeness in southeast England on Wednesday. Dozens of others died in a separate sinking.。

At least 31 migrants bound for Britain died on Wednesday when their boat sank in the English Channel, in what France's interior minister called the biggest migration tragedy on the dangerous crossing to date.。

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said 34 people were believed to have been on the boat. Authorities found 31 bodies – including those of five women and a young girl – and two survivors, he said. One person appeared to still be missing. The nationalities of the travelers was not immediately known.。

The regional maritime authority, which oversees rescue operations, later said 27 bodies were found, two people survived and four others were missing and presumed drowned. The discrepancy in the numbers was not immediately explained.。

Ever-increasing numbers of people fleeing conflict or poverty in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea or elsewhere are risking the perilous journey in small, unseaworthy craft from France, hoping to win asylum or find better opportunities in Britain. The crossings have tripled this year from 2020, and another 106 migrants were rescued in French waters on Wednesday alone.。

A joint French-British search operation for survivors of the sinking was called off late on Wednesday. Both countries cooperate to stem migration across the Channel but also accuse each other of not doing enough – and the issue is often used by politicians on both sides pushing an anti-migration agenda.。

Four suspected traffickers were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of being linked to the sunken boat, Darmanin told reporters in the French port city of Calais. He said two of the suspects later appeared in court.。

The regional prosecutor opened an investigation into aggravated manslaughter, organized illegal migration and other charges after the sinking.。

Lille Prosecutor Carole Etienne said officials were still working to identify the victims and determine their ages and nationalities, and that the investigation may involve multiple countries.。

"It's a day of great mourning for France, for Europe, for humanity to see these people die at sea," Darmanin said. He lashed out at "criminal traffickers" driving thousands to risk the crossing. Activists demonstrated outside the port of Calais on Wednesday night, accusing governments of not doing enough to respond to migrants' needs. Hundreds of people live in precarious conditions along the French coast, despite regular police patrols and evacuation operations.。

The bodies were brought to the Calais port, said Jean-Marc Puissesseau, head of the ports of Calais and Boulogne. "We were waiting for something like this to happen," he said, given the growing numbers of people risking the passage. Aid groups blamed European governments for increasingly hard-line migration policies.。

"The UK is not a choice, it is an escape, an escape for people fleeing the lack of welcome in Europe," said Nikolai Posner of French charity Utopia 56.。

Darmanin urged coordination with the UK, saying "the response must also come from Great Britain."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke after the sinking and agreed "that it is vital to keep all options on the table to stop these lethal crossings and break the business model of the criminal gangs behind them," Johnson's office said. Macron stressed "the shared responsibility" of France and the UK.。



【环球网报道 记者 崔天也】18日,美国司法部公布特别顾问穆勒的“通俄门”调查报告。这份报告不仅洗清了特朗普没有在选举中与俄罗斯“勾结”的罪证,还曝光了美国政府内部一些消息,例如白宫新闻秘书萨拉•桑德斯此前曾多次发表误导性言论。美媒称,这一消息使桑德斯的声誉受到严重损害,甚至有人认为,桑德斯应该被解雇。





MSNBC记者Mika Brzezinski在推特上写道:“萨拉•桑德斯在撒谎,并且愈发严重。这太丢人了!”

《华盛顿邮报》记者Aaron Blake也说:“如果她(桑德斯)再主持一次新闻发布会,她应该受到严厉质问。”





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